Ancient frequencies for modern wellness

Inspired by ancient wisdom and biblical tradition, Wholetones™ harnesses the power of music through healing solfeggio frequencies, promoting enhanced sleep, stress relief, and holistic wellbeing.

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Wholetones® stands apart in the realm of music through its exclusive use of a specialized tuning process and layering techniques. Each composition is carefully crafted, embedding unique healing frequencies beneath the music, and paced with meticulous tempo precision, creating an exceptional musical experience that fosters well-being and tranquility.

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Michael S. Tyrrell is a Grammy Award winning musician and the mastermind behind Wholetones, a music designed to produce healing sensations delivered through specific tonal frequencies.


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Wholetones™ was created to heal the world through music. We have created an effective line of frequency based therapeutic music that has been clinically proven to improve sleep, relieve stress, calm and soothe your pet, and gain more energy for your day.

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"I sleep every night to the Wholetones music. I respond well to the music physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It relaxes and restores. My dog and cats too seem to enjoy the music, they seem very calm and content. I've read the Wholetones book and am so impressed by the science and documentation that was presented. Wholetones is truly a gift, and I'm so very grateful."


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Your subscription will give you unlimited access to the following Wholetones albums:

  • Wholetones Meditation Album (New Release)
  • Wholetones Musing (Weekly Releases) 
  • Wholetones Nature Album
  • Wholetones Healing Frequency Album
  • Wholetones 2Sleep Album
  • Wholetones Chroma Video Album
  • Wholetones for Pets Album
  • Wholetones ACTIV Album
  • Wholetones Christmas Volume 1 Album

Wholetones differs from other musical genres in that it employs a proprietary method of tuning and layering the music with a unique frequency underlayment and precise tempos.

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